Alexandra Stacey
Alexandra Stacey

Alex is the 40-18 year old, potty-mouthed, widowed mom of five now-mostly-grown kids. She likes to write about life.

Using humour and deep emotion to tell stories - and throwing in the odd opinion for good measure - she explores lessons learned the hard way. The universe has a way of turning her life upside down every seven years or so. At some point, recognizing the pattern, she determined to regularly choose a challenge lest one be chosen for her.

Guaranteed, she never likes the ones she doesn't pick for herself.

They do, however, make for some great material.

Like her book.

Alex's novel - the latest one, and the only one she'll actually admit to having written - A Road To Joy, follows a widowed mother of five as she wakes up one day, says fuck it, and runs away from home. Alex shares the pain and confusion, memories and experiences of losing a spouse and learning to start life over at middle age. The story is raw and heart-wrenching, honest and hilarious. It's inspired by true events; and somewhat embellished.

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Her next big thing is a new sitcom pitch. She'll share the details on that when she comes up for air, with any luck, in the Spring of 2022. The intro website is looking like fun!

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Alexandra Stacey

Alexandra Stacey

woman, mother, publisher, designer, artist, potter, builder, inventor, writer, voter, widow ~ so many stories, so little time.